*************Jerry Poe***************** Congradulations to Sensei Jerry Poe the newest member of the Hall of Fame and I might personally add well deserving, I have met him and he is the ultimate gentle giant. He is 8-time national champion 2-time silver medalist in the World Cup Gold Medalist in the World Cup and 3-time World Champion Several state and regional championships 7th Degree Black Belt in American Vital Karate 7th Degree Black Belt in Dragon Kenpo and Submission 3rd Degree Black Belt in Genkotsu Karate (traditional Japanese Karate) 1st Degree Black Belt in Seiei Ju-Jitsu Competitor in kickboxing, Sanshou and mixed martial arts bouts Competitor in full-contact and point Karate Three-time member of the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame (competitor, instructor, referee) Member of internationally-competing karate team (Canada, Mexico, Australia, Hungary, Russia , England and Jamica) Licensed MMA referee in the State of Ohio , has refereed in WEC, Strikeforce, Bellator and UFC. *************Kelli A Cofer*************** -3rd degree blackbelt in American Kenpo, Jim Cofer -1st degree blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do, Mickey Scodova -1996-1998, Coordinated self defense seminars at University of Cinncinnatti Toughman Champion at Marion, Mansfield, and Toledo Toughman Contests. -Amateur kickboxing champion at Arnold Classic (Schwartzneger) 1999 -Amateur Ohio state kickboxing champion 1996-1999 -Amateur kickboxing record 21-0 (18 KO) -Professional kickboxing career: 1999-2009 -Professional Boxing career: 1999-2000 -Formerly world ranked in the top five in world in the WBC, WBA, WIBA, and WBAN women’s boxing rankings. -Formerly top ranked world contender in USKBA kickboxing rankings. -Fighter on multiple international karate teams- 1992- 2009 -Televised fights on ESPN, Telefutura, Fox Sports -Fought on the Chuck Norris World Combat League. Miami, Florida Team


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Jim Endrizzi

I started my training in 1969, Elyria and I get to finish here also come visit us at 604Cleveland st.

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